Does project-based-learning prepare students for college and career?

Absolutely! Students attending PBL-focused schools have the same success rates gaining admittance to colleges and other post-secondary options (see school profile document for examples). Ultimately, colleges want students with the same skills employers are seeking. While they still expect students to have a sound base of academic knowledge, they don't want students who only know a lot of information - or how to memorize it.  They are seeking learners who understand more deeply and can apply what they know in the real world.


Learning in college still means attending lectures by professors, but that's not all.  More and more colleges are moving away from a lectures-only approach. In addition to working independently, college students are expected to work in teams, manage projects, and make presentations. Project Based Learning emphasizes all these skills. 


Lastly, Discovery High School students will earn a diploma with a standard transcript like all of our Camas students, in addition to a portfolio of projects and accomplishments to help set them apart. 

What are universities and employers looking for?

Employers and universities are looking for individuals who can do more than memorize content and do well on an exam.  They are looking for individuals who can:

  • think critically and solve problems

  • work well in teams

  • communicate effectively

  • take initiative

  • learn new skills when needed

  • innovate and be creative

  • manage their work independently

Project Based Learning doesn't leave these critical success skills to chance!

What about electives?

Discovery High School students have many elective opportunities, including:

  • Design and Engineering classes in our world-class fabrication lab

  • Music ensembles and music production

  • World languages

  • Fine Arts

  • Digital design

  • Coding

  • Leadership

School profile and 4 year plan

Our students have the same 24 credit requirements for graduation. We also have opportunities to create personalized pathways focusing on STEM or arts-related projects and electives.  To see an overview of our program, please click the link below. 



Athletics and Activities

Discovery has it's own student government, clubs, and activities.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in the athletic programs at CHS.  We have an activities bus that shuttles students to the CHS campus on a daily basis.

What does the schedule look like?

Our school day begins at 8:40 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m. Students have subject-specific instruction in math, science, english, and social studies every day, in addition to two electives. There is also time built into the schedule for collaborative projects and personal learning time with access to their core teachers.  



My student has an IEP.  Are they eligible to attend?

Students served on an IEP are welcome to apply to attend Discovery.  Due to the integration of curriculum and the flexible nature of our environment, special services look different when compared to a typical school. 


While many students' instructional needs can be met within our grade-level and full-inclusion framework, it is not designed to meet the needs of all students. In some cases, a student is best served at their neighborhood school where a range of specialized services or designated district programs are available. 


Therefore, students who are being served on an IEP will be considered on a case-by-case basis according to their needs and IEP team recommendations. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us or speak with your child's current IEP case manager.





Do you offer AP courses?

We do offer a few AP courses, such as Human Geography, that work well with project-based-learning and allow covering topics in depth.  We do not offer AP courses that cover maximum content via rote memorization for the purpose of doing well on an exam. 

Will PBL help students be college and career ready?
What credits will freshmen earn in 2018-19?
Will Discovery students be able to participate in CHS athletics?
What will the schedule look like?
What are employers looking for?
Will Discovery students be able to attend classes at CHS?
What about electives?
My student has an IEP.  Are they eligible to attend?

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